These are the products that I use and love. They are part of my health team and I couldn’t do it without them! Each product is direct linked to a site where you can purchase it yourself. We all need a support system, why not add to yours?


I received my Kitchen Aid Mixer over 12 years ago and it’s still going strong.    Not only was it by my side in my cake business days, but it still works beautifully making vegan cookies and home made wheat bread.  This is one item I could never live without in the kitchen.

I use a food processor to make things like cauliflower rice, beet chips & zucchini chips quickly.

 Kitchen Aid makes beautiful counter displayable products that last forever.  For my daily tasks this beauty makes life easy.  Plus it comes in a bunch of really cool colors.  Mine is  vintage yellow.

The Blendtec blender is great for a whole host of culinary needs.  Want to make a clean, delicious, HOT soup?  This blender will take care of that.  Need a quick way to make your smoothie in the morning while leaving the vital fiber intact?  Then you need a Blendtec.  Want to make your own peanut butter?  The list is endless.  If you are trying to make a healthy change in your eating, this product is essential.

 I love homemade whipped cream made with healthy ingredients!


The infamous vegetable spiralizer, but better than the last.  Way better reviews.  More expensive, but you get what you pay for.   Make a vegetable pad thai, or zucchini noodles.  Endless fun with this contraption.


Misto Olive Oil Spritzers are a great addition to any kitchen.  Use this instead of chemical laden store bought non-stick sprays.  It tastes much better and you have control over the amount of oil you use.  I have two of these.  One is in our camping stuff and the other is in my kitchen.

This meatloaf pan is great for holding in the flavor and draining the fat.  A must have for all meat loaf lovers!



Making your own ice cream at home eliminates all of the nasty hard to pronounce additives of store bought.  It’s also really fun to make up your own versions of the creamy frozen dessert.


        Blender bottles are an essential piece in my daily routine.  I use them to quickly combine protein shakes after a workout.  They are easy to clean and and work well to ensure there are no powdery chunks in your drink.

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  1. I really want to get an ice cream maker so I can try some healthy recipes I’ve found lately! I’m a college student on a tight budget though. Have any suggestions on a good brand that is affordable?

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