side2Are you finding it hard to lose weight because the drive through seems like the only option for your busy life? Most Americans spend anywhere between $150 – $550 on just eating out each month.

Are you craving a home cooked meal with clean ingredients that is ready quickly?  Food preparation and clean up can consume 10 -15 hours a week.

Did you know that an average American throws away a third of the food they purchase.  In dollars that equates to $400 a year.   Are you tired of throwing away food and money because you don’t have time to cook?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then you need a personal chef.

How does it work?

By choosing DF – Delivered you will have more time for you and your family, eat better, and stop wasting food.

Upon signing up for the service you will fill out a detailed food questionnaire to find out likes, dislikes and any allergies.

You will be given a delivery day that will be the same each week.  Menus for the week after are posted on Thursday the week before.  You will choose between 1 – 5 days of dinners then fill out the form below noting which meals you would like.  An invoice will be sent via PayPal.  After your invoice is paid in full you will be added to the next weeks schedule.  Deliveries are made on your day given to you between 5 & 6 p.m. (unless other arrangements are made).

Decadently Fit – Delivered meals are delivered in a thermal tote.  Each food item is either in a BPA free vacuumed sealed bag or recyclable foil container.

Detailed re-heating instructions are given to help you recreate the same taste and quality.

Clean up is a snap.  Just toss the trash in the recycle bin and you are done!

What are you waiting for? Join my other clients that have benefited from the freedom of not worrying about what’s for dinner by filling out the contact form below after looking at the next two week’s menu:

Weeks 11:16:15


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  1. I tried to mark the meals on that certain day, it won’t let me choose . Where am I supposed to put what meals I want? I want to sign up.
    Thanks Janice

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